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LuxTravelEx introduces new partnership with Exclusive Vacations and Travelfinesse

LuxTravelEx has been appointed to introduce and promote Travelfinesse, the experiential contemporary leisure travel Brand of Exclusive Vacations Pvt. Ltd, based at Jaipur, India, to the South African Trade.

Exclusive Vacations is a family owned company, founded by Parikshith Singh, direct descendant of the 8th Maharaja of Amber, and heir to the late Jagir (fiefdom) of Surothe  – and his wife Swati.  Whilst Parikshith has also been a travel escort and an independent luxury travel counselor / planner for the last 2 decades, Swati is a former banker, and takes care of sales, marketing, and pricing. A trusted affiliate network through India, Nepal, Sir Lanka and Bhutan makes it possible to handhold guests at every location in their tour – and a leisure journey with Travelfinesse is a life changing experience for most.

“More and more affluent travelers are reading “luxury travel” as a means to bringing more value to their lives by incorporating experiences from varied cultural communities, and adding to their learning – into their vacation experience,” says Parikshith Singh, founder and Chairman. “The discerning traveler today asks us for more interactive vacations, and is quite intent on taking away a few memories that are remarkably different from the standard sightseeing ones’’, adds his wife Swati, also the Managing Director.  This trend will continue as more vacation providers accommodate this growing demand, and this category will show linear growth.  What is important to remember, though, is that experiential travel is interpreted differently by different people. “Our clear take on the matter is to ensure that simply the best and most opulent accommodations are available on each locale, that we offer secure interactive exposure to the local communities wherever possible, and that concierge services, preferential treatment, and pure pampering of our guests is without compromise from the very second they decide to embark on their Travelfinesse tour”, say the duo.

As part of a Travelfinesse journey, a traveler could take a week’s course in a local language, visit an elephant farm, learn to cook an Indian dish, take a spa & yoga spiritual tour, a private, exclusive, shopping tour, or even take a private jet across to shake hands with a Bollywood film star and dine with an erstwhile Maharajah! Travelfinesse tours are not classified under any stereotype – no tour has a single theme. The tours themselves are much like the Indian Subcontinent: varied, multi-hued, and each unlike the other.  Every single Travelfinesse journey showcases the area of travel in all its splendor – and is the least to say, exotic.  All journeys are tailor made for guests according to individual expectations, appetites for adventure, and wish lists, and are necessarily with character. Travelfinesse presents luxury travel in its most formidable avatar – experiences fused with memories, especially designed to alter the mundane course of life.

Travelfinesse handles all luxury inbound leisure travel to the Indian Subcontinent, while EVPL caters to the MICE, corporate travel and domestic travel segments.  Formalized in 2012, Exclusive Vacations can handle conferences and tours starting from 10 up to 5000 delegates at a time. While India alone is a great destination with its cultural and geographical diversity and easy access – over 60 international airlines operate to India, and rail and road connections are available throughout – Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan are locales with the most spellbinding views and natural beauty.

Experience the Indian Sub Continent : Travel to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Bhutan With The Best!